The Crossover Flywheel

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The Crossover Flywheel

The Crossover Flywheel is the world’s first commercially available Crossover Skating Treadmill. Its primary focus is on forward and backward crossover techniques, but it also trains balance, edge-control, knee bend and extension in a way that dramatically enhances the overall skater. Only the Crossover Flywheel puts players in the proper body position and creates the correct geometry to train crossovers.

The Flywheel Design

The Crossover Flywheel is designed so skaters can perform crossovers in a treadmill setting. This allows for short feedback loops between the instructor and student on technique adjustments which gives the instructor greater control over what is being demanded of the student. In order to successfully perform crossover skating techniques on the Crossover Flywheel, the skater must meet the demands it places on him or her.

How Skaters Benefit from Training on the Crossover Flywheel

The Crossover Skating Treadmill brings a training dynamic that is highly beneficial to any hockey skater. The Flywheel paired with a quality instructor elicits intense challenges in many aspects of a player’s technique.

Key elements of skating are learned and improved with the Crossover Flywheel including:

  • Balance
  • Edge Control on all four edges
  • Knee bend
  • Posture
  • Extension
  • Push direction
  • Power production
  • Multitasking

The Crossover Flywheel inherently guides players to a “bottom dead center” position on the Wheel. Players can take advantage of burst training and voluntarily, on-command, change their stride-rate and exertion level. This teaches players to change gears very quickly and with efficient technique. Mix this with multitasking and players can work on driving around defensemen after a deceptive move, and speed change on wide drives in general.


Check out the video below for some hints and tips on how to do some great “crossies” on The Wheel!  After that, sneak over to the Competitive Edge Videos page to see some more proficient skating on the wheel.


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