Small Group / Private High-Detail Skill Development

Without the added cost of icetime


Competitive Edge provides modular, customizable training programs to cultivate and optimize the talents of youth hockey players. Check out the video below to see how we do what we do. And, when watching, keep an eye out for a few clips of current NHL players training with us when they were youth skaters.


  • Personalized Development Programs target specific skill areas (individual or small group)
  • Training stations facilitate quality reps and individualized attention
  • Exceptional coaching staff offers reliable feedback and support
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your family‚Äôs calendar
  • Skating treadmill, along with our proprietary Stride Matrix and Cocoon-SIIS, creates a hyper-rapid feedback loop for maximum improvement

Request a time today to get started with a personalized, off-ice training session.


New to Competitive Edge hockey training? No problem! We offer individual or group trial sessions, so you can come in and experience what we’re all about.