The Value of Continuous and Consistent Training

Don’t chase the quick fix…

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People often ask, “How much should we train with Competitive Edge to expect X?” Of course “X” is their desired result of improvement.  This is a difficult question to answer as every player is different, especially in their level of commitment to change their techniques and in how ingrained their habits are.

But the question sort of misses the point. The best of the best continue to work on all aspects of their game. For them, there is no threshold where a certain skill is “good enough.”  Give them a taste of a way to take any of their skills to another level, and you cannot keep them from it.

Likewise, at Competitive Edge, our best results have come with committed players whose training is pretty regular and is ongoing. As long as there is progress, they have the drive to keep training. This does not mean you have to train every week throughout the year, though some of our students do and that certainly accelerates things.  Breaks from training can certainly be mixed in and still have good results.  About two times per month works well.

Improvement comes fastest from striving to execute a skill-challenge that is just beyond one’s capabilities.  Competitive Edge works hard to make sure that top students here never get to a point where we can’t challenge them. To do this we push the challenge level with all aspects of our training.

Check out this video for some of the results of all of this continuously adapting challenge level, coupled with a student who trains regularly and consistently.

The relevance of the training seen above to performance on the ice is the last piece of the puzzle.  Check out this link to understand how we work to ensure that the transfer from treadmill training to the ice is strong!


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