Competitive Edge puts your entire team through our standard 90-minute off-ice development training. Accelerate their skills through individual instruction and do so in a way that affordably spreads the cost among the team.

During team training, we make sure each player:

  • Performs lots of quality reps
  • Receives expert guidance on their techniques

Off-Ice Development

Customize your training sessions around the developmental needs of your team by direction us to any areas of need that can be addressed within the following stations:

Bullet Skating Treadmill

The Bullet Treadmill has unique features that you won’t find on any other skating treadmills. These features set it apart from all other hockey treadmills on the market.

Hand Skills Studio

Our hand skills studio is a synthetic ice area dedicated to building solid puckhandling, skating and shooting techniques and making them automatic enough to be used while multitasking during any game situation.

Athletic Development

Our hockey specific athletic development training builds muscles (when age appropriate), balance, body control and quickness that a hockey player needs to dominate on the ice.

On-Ice Development

We come to you. In addition to our off-ice training facility, Competitive Edge also offers on-ice development. We will join your practices and bring a fresh perspective to any development area within the team.

Contact us for more information on our on-ice training programs.