Client Testimonials

As the NHL season took root last year, it started to look like I would be jumping into it about half way through. I was playing some hockey here and there to stay competitive, but I also knew I needed to take things up a notch to be ready to play at the NHL pace.

I used the Competitive Edge training system to prepare myself by getting my legs back under me in terms of strength, power, and endurance and also in terms of tuning up my technique. Thanks to that training I was able to jump in and contribute right away for the Florida Panthers. This training experience led to me taking on an ownership interest. I only wish I had Competitive Edge at my disposal in my younger years.John Madden, Former MN Wild and 3-time Stanley Cup Champion

The Crossover Flywheel is 10 times the machine that I originally thought it would be when I first saw it. At first I saw how it works on the crossover technique.  As I saw my son use it more and more, I saw how well it developed his balance, edge control, knee bend, extension, and lateral agility.  Now he works on all of these things while multitasking and he can feel the results on the ice.

Is this the only thing a hockey player needs in order to prepare for the game?  Absolutely not, but it is one of the best tools I have ever seen to take any player’s game to another level.Greg Dornbach, Edina Bantam A Head Coach

My son Gunnar’s overall skating ability has improved with the help of on and off-ice training at Competitive Edge. Concentration on edge work and knee bend has been key to his development. This has allowed Gunnar to have solid success playing at his age level. I have also seen vast improvement in many of his teammates who have trained with Competitive Edge.Bill Thoreson - Andover Varsity Co-Head Coach
Our son Cody decided to play hockey in the 4th grade after 5 years of wrestling. Needless to say it was very difficult for the first 3 years. The first 2 years of hockey he was on the C squirt team but we were seeing that he was a pretty decent skater. After those 2 years our association only had 1 A PeeWee Team that had 13 skaters and a B2 PeeWee with 20 skaters.

The season was horrific! Cody decided that year that he wanted to do something outside our association to better himself. We looked into a few camps and then found a camp that offered Competitive Edge training also. What A difference a camp can make. Competitive Edge was ‘AMAZING’. The Fly Wheel was something that made huge improvements in the speed of his skating and his crossovers.

One of the biggest improvements that I personally saw was that he constantly was moving his feet when he was on the ice. Cody attended 8 sessions and after the 2ND one not only I noticed but Cody said that he felt like he was skating faster, better edging, and just a different level of confidence on the ice. I watched as he started to pass kids in the skating part of hockey and was really in disbelief. After 7 sessions I could not believe what I was seeing. Not only had his skating improved but a different confidence level.

When pre-tryouts came upon us, I sat in the stands by the parents who had watched him skate for 3 years. I had 2 dads in particular ask where Cody was cause they didn’t see him out there. I said that he was defiantly out there. One dad said ‘well it could be him there but there is no way that is him.’ Competitive Edge changed everything that was wrong with his posture, technique and skill and improved it greatly.

This year we had 4 PeeWee teams and Cody made the PeeWee B1. What I felt more important then level of team he made was the HUGE improvement in his skating style and in himself. Amazing how Competitive edge not only focused on the skating part of the camp but on building them up as an individual. You guys are awesome to work with. You are good to the kids and you treat everyone of them like they are ‘A’ players…you never know…with your training they might be!!! Thanks to everyone at Competitive Edge.Princeton Peewee B1 Parent