What is Competitive Edge?

Someone who asks the above question could be trying to get at a lot of different things. Here, we are trying to get at something like, “Why do we exist?”

Problem:  The out-sized cost and pain of getting private coaching for hockey

  • If you want to get the kind of coaching that can really make a reliable difference by shoring up bad habits and challenging areas of strength, the logistics of icetime make it difficult to do this
  • In comparison with other activities and school subjects, the requirement to get on the ice to get better makes private lessons either far more expensive or far more inconvenient (usually both) in hockey than it is for basically everything else

Competitive Edge is here to close the gap.

Synthetic Ice enables our system, but we must remain vigilant

  • We have to account for the fact that skating on plastic is not exactly like skating on real ice
  • This can lead to repetitions that are great for skating on, say, a skating treadmill but are not great for the ice
  • We work hard to teach proper on-ice technique and hold players accountable to those while getting repetitions on our synthetic ice

The result is quality reps that build real on-ice skill at an affordable cost!

In fact, if done right, training on synthetic ice can actually be advantageous… (article on the advantages of varying the skating task using skating treadmills).