At Competitive Edge, we know how to make hockey training more efficient, effective, and fun. Our state-of-the-art training stations, combined with personal instruction, custom training, and quality repetitions generate an immediate impact on any hockey player’s skill development.

The Competitive Edge training facility is unique and revolutionary. We incorporate tools that aren’t used by anyone else, philosophies that are rare in the industry, and create a place where players are engaged, challenged, and having fun.

Benefits of Competitive Edge Training

  • Customized training built around each individual hockey player’s skills, abilities, and developmental goals.
  • Flexible scheduling gives you options for training times that fit your life.
  • Individual instruction is given to every hockey player. Participants receive personalized attention and quality feedback in a fun and challenging environment.
  • Quality repetitions plus individualized trainer instruction accelerate skill development.
  • Cost-effective offerings make training with us affordable.
  • Multiple training options allows you to choose a training program that best suits your hockey goals and developmental needs. We offer small group, team and 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 training sessions.
  • Within the context of private lessons, we have many programs that target specific needs.
  • Use a trial session to get a first-impression of what we offer before you choose a program.
  • State-of-the-art training stations consist of the Bullet Treadmill, featuring the Stride Matrix, and our Hand Skills Studio and are included in our standard training sessions.
  • Skills assessment gives us the ability to accurately assess every player’s skills and abilities during the first session and periodically over the course of our training programs to develop the best plan for the player. We want to know every hockey player’s goals, so that we can help achieve them.