We believe hockey development should be re-imagined to the benefit of the player.


  • High quality skill is the result of high quality repetitions
  • A high quality repetition is a high quality repetition regarless of where it is done
  • A carefully designed off-ice facility with expert instructors can produce a greater number of more tightly controlled repetitions as compared to many formats of on-ice development
  • A state-of-the-art off-ice facility can be sourced for about 1/10 the cost of an ice rink (see the link at the bottom of this page for more on this economic advantage)
  • That cost savings will be passed to the consumer

We believe that in the future those factors demand far greater utilization of off-ice tools than what we see today.  Competitive Edge is here to lead the way to that future!


While understanding what lies above, it is important to still be realistic about hockey development.  Icetime is absolutely necessary for team development and for individual development of team skills.  An ice sheet (while more expensive, unless it is winter and outdoor ice is available) is also a great place to develop individual skills.  The point is that preparation for the game will never completely leave real ice sheets.

But a hockey rink is specifically designed to handle a hockey game.  An off-ice facility is specifically designed to develop skill.  The future will take the correct advantage of the efficiency of both types of environments; off-ice facilities designed to develop skill and rinks designed to host games and game-like situations.

Competitive Edge saw that other hockey development solutions were not complete enough to be a truly suitable replacement for broad spectrum skill development on-ice and we created our program to address that gap.  Check out this page for more on why we created Competitive Edge Hockey’s three station program to fill this need.