Competitive Edge Synthetict Ice


At Competitive Edge, you perform your hand skills as you would on ice, in skates and without the expense of a full sheet.

Our hand skills studio facilitates an immediate impact through quality repetitions and personal instruction. It’s the ideal combination for developing rock-solid hand skill techniques.

Prepare Yourself for Game-day Situations

Our hand skills studio is the perfect environment for:

  • Building solid hand skills techniques
  • Reinforcing techniques through quality repetitions
  • Practicing these hand skills techniques until they become second nature
  • Advancing the challenge level as players progress to ensure that no player “masters” all we can offer in terms of stickhandling training.

Improve Your Hand Skills

Our commitment is to help you improve your hand skills, that’s why we offer:

  • Guidance for stickhandling techniques
  • Drills that provide a large number of quality repetitions
  • Personal attention and individual instruction
  • In-skates execution of drills on our synthetic ice for immediate impact when returning to the ice
  • Versatility to create a dynamic, challenging, and fun training environment

We combine these elements in many of our drills to deliver the true essence of the game – multitasking.