Schedule an Individual, Group or Team Trial Session

Experience Competitive Edge, the best skill development hockey training in the Twin Cities. Schedule a group or individual trial session and learn firsthand how Competitive Edge can help bring your hockey game to the next level.

Our 60 to 90-minute trial session features all the elements of a typical Competitive Edge training session, including time on our Bullet Treadmill and hand skills development in our Hand Skills Studio.

During your training session, we’ll assess your skills, find out your goals, and design a training program specific to your developmental needs and scheduling availability.

Take advantage of our introductory rate and pay only $40 per group (group sized one to four) when you schedule a Competitive Edge trial session (offer only applies to skaters who have never tried Competitive Edge training).

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Want to get a feel for our programs first? Visit our Personalized Development Programs page for a good summary.

Review our FAQs Page

It is very helpful, before your trial session, to review our FAQs page. Further, one of our specific FAQs pages offers a guide to putting on the Safety Harness for the Bullet Treadmill. Reviewing this allows you to do this yourself before your session, maximizing time during the session that will be used for training.