Do you want to find something to keep your skater developing, but don’t want to commit to AAA, 3v3, or full clinics?

Do you want to find the middle ground, where your skater can keep improving without the fear of burnout?

Plenty of players in Minnesota keep their Hockey going almost year round, following up the regular winter season by jumping right into AAA Hockey. Other players like to put the skates away in March to temporarily focus on other things. Competitive Edge happily works with many of these skaters to provide extra development on top of the AAA season.

Competitive Edge is here to suggest that there might be a great middle ground between a heavy off-season load and a taking the entire spring and summer off.  We have the perfect solution to help you find it due to the flexibility offered by our off-ice training!

Want one session per week during baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or golf season and then two sessions per week starting in August leading up to tryouts? Easy. We can schedule that for you.

Want only two sessions per month between from May through July?  Done.  Get your development at the times you want it!

Our flexible program allows your skater to keep working on their Hockey, but requires no commitment that could lead to burnout!

Note: This opportunity to flexibly add skill development training with Competitive Edge really applies to any time of the year that you would like to mix in a little more hockey development.  The spring and summer simply make an awfully good example.


What is the “Middle Ground”…

… Between going full steam ahead into AAA, 3v3, or Spring Hockey and putting the skates away?

There is a lot of value in finding times during the year to take time away from Hockey. Players who are burned out can refresh their love for the game. Players who are just in a less enthusiastic mind-set can get hungry again. Either way, it makes the game more fun and training for the game more productive when they do come back.

With that said, we’ve found that for some skaters, taking time away from Hockey means taking time away from the ice, specifically. These skaters can take a break from the ice and still benefit from working on their skills off-ice. In fact, they still develop that hunger to get back to the ice.

competitive edge treadmill training

If you want to continue development, but still get the benefits of a break from Hockey in the spring and summer, Competitive Edge Hockey’s off-ice program is a great solution.


Check out this page on the economics of off-ice Hockey development or this one with more information on why our off-ice program is effective for skill development for more on how Competitive Edge can help you find a middle-ground Hockey skill development program custom to you!