The Bullet Treadmill

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The Bullet Treadmill

The Bullet treadmill is not the first skating treadmill developed, but it has unique features that you won’t find with other skating treadmills.

What Sets the Bullet Treadmill Apart

We designed the Bullet Skating Treadmill with features that set it apart.

  • Extra “drop-back” distance allows for speed burst training
  • 270 degree around-the-skater multitasking deck gives skaters an opportunity to develop creative stickhandling techniques while executing an ideal stride
  • Increased top speed for top speed technique refinement
  • Feedback lines, guide push direction, recovery location and stick handling techniques

Additional Bullet Treadmill Benefits

Like other skating treadmills, the Bullet is a great setting for players to work on:

  • Knee bend
  • Posture
  • Extension
  • Power production and endurance
  • Recovery location and timing
  • Smoothness

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