RISE Protocol



Development and Training included in the program:

  • Detailed On-ice Skill Development focused in the areas needed to play at the pace of elite and advancement aged hockey (elite skating techniques, complex multitasking, quick and versatile shot release, and pass receiving for minimization of time-to-complete-control of the puck)
  • Gameplay Development via a combination of concepts education in controlled drills and a variety of structured gameplay protocols (variations of 3v3, 4v4, 3v4, 5v5, and 5v4 on 3 on 3 sized ice) that offer great teaching points as well as a turbo-charged pace-of-play due to the reduced time and space of the small ice sheet.
  • Skating treadmill training on the Bullet Skating Treadmill
  • Lateral agility and crossover technique training on the Crossover Flywheel
  • Hockey Athleticism Development
  • Hand Skills Instruction


Training Guidance and Information that is designed to be brought to self-directed settings:

  • Athleticism Assessments from Endgame Fitness and Jack Blatherwick
  • Endgame Fitness will assess the biomechanical function, strength and explosive power of each athlete. Identifying physical strengths, weaknesses and imbalances in order to create individualized strength and conditioning programs that improve performance and minimize the risk of injury to the athlete.
  • Jack Blatherwick assessments track player performance in short bursts both on the ice and off to determine player quickness. He has done this with a multitude of elite players over the years including the current Washington Capitals as well as the Miracle on Ice team. Short burst quickness can be developed off-ice with a strong transfer to the ice.
  • Video Analysis of Skating Technique on the Crossover Flywheel and Bullet Treadmill – Competitive Edge’s video analysis and skating treadmill technology in combination cannot be matched anywhere else in the world for an in-depth breakdown of athlete’s stride mechanics. This can reveal weaknesses in strength in the ankles, thighs, hips, or core that need to be corrected or simply habits that need to be worked on.
  • Our off-ice Athleticism Development is designed not only to improve athletic performance but to teach athletes how to train hard and how to train smart. Athletes will learn to make the most efficient use of their time so that they are able to tend to other areas of development.
  • Sweet Hockey Training’s Online Stickhandling was specifically designed as an at-home hand skills development program and directs players with a tremendously detailed progression on developing precision and excellence in their puckhandling movement patterns.
  • Competitive Edge’s Performance Shooting Academy that includes both lessons and online direction so players can develop their shooting with the necessary number of reps and a high level of detail at home.
  • Hockey Concepts and Read-and-React Education through Hengen Hockey who offer group and one-on-one review of gameplay (individual’s performance and/or highlights selected for their instructional value). Billy Hengen will bring this Concepts Education to the RISE program in the form of Hockey Concepts Presentations featuring “Offense and Scoring” and Defense focused content.


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