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Pro-Motion Video Analysis – Measurables

“Numbers Don’t Lie”

Competitive Edge’s Pro-Motion Video Analysis is the world’s most powerful quantitative measurement tool for Hockey skating technique and efficiency.


We have brought together several Competitive Edge systems to create our Pro-Motion Video Analysis Tool.  It combines the best aspects of all of them to make obvious detailed aspects of a player’s skating mechanics.

With our Pro-Motion Video Analysis, Competitive Edge can eliminate bias and subjectivity in the analysis of your player’s skating ability.  Notice that something is off in their stride keeping them from getting the most out of it?  Are you sure what it is?  Is it one main issue or is it more complicated?  We separate out all of the important issues in a player’s Straight-away and Crossover Strides and apply clear measurables to each.

Forward Stride

  1. Knee Bend
  2. Extension
  3. Posture
  4. Lateral Push Angle
  5. Recovery Location Angle
  6. Smoothness and Arm Motion

Crossover Stride

  1. Knee Bend Angles for both the inside and outside legs for both right-over-left and left-over-right crossovers (4 measurements).
  2. Extension Angles for both the inside and outside legs for both right-over-left and left-over-right crossovers (4 measurements)
  3. Posture
  4. Push direction difference both ways (this takes into account whether or not the inside leg and outside leg do not push in the same direction during the stride)
  5. Smoothness and Arm Motion

Example Measurements (Note:  All of the screen shots below were taken during actual video analysis processes)

These are just some of the measurements that we take.

Forward Stride Knee Bend Angle



Forward Stride Extension Angle



Forward Stride Lateral Push Angle



Crossover Stride Posture



Crossover Stride Inside Leg Extension Angle



Crossover Stride Inside Leg Knee Bend Angle



Composite Ratings

From the measurements above we have the information we need to drill down to a very accurate efficiency rating for each player’s forward stride and crossover strides.  Whatever your rating is, improvement in any of the measurements we take will lead to a higher score in the efficiency rating.

What are your Competitive Edge Skating Efficiency Ratings?

  • Competitive Edge Forward Stride Efficiency Rating
  • Competitive Edge Forward Crossover Stride Efficiency Rating

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