Protocols and Curriculum


Training Protocols and Instructor Curriculum

Tools are rarely very useful without skilled operators.  And great tools are only great if they are used to their potential.  Competitive Edge takes this reality very seriously and we make sure that we provide turn-key systems that can be rapidly adopted to allow your people to use the Competitive Edge training arsenal to its potential.

Our systems leave no gaps in the process from absolute rudimentary basics to pushing elite players beyond any comfort zone them may enjoy.  Instructors will know the steps in the process and the methods of communication that will help them to convey technique adjustments to players of all ages.  Finally, their skill set will be broad-based so they can provide enough variety in the training to ensure that players don’t get bored.

All of this is accomplished with our instructor training and curriculum.  Training protocols written in a book are worthless if the instructors don’t have them internalized.  We use video-based curriculum that feature our process flow guide visuals (flow charts).  Interspersed within these in our video-based curriculum are examples of correct technique and wrong technique and then the corrections necessary to go from wrong to right.  Through this process, instructors are also tested on the content of the videos.  If they pass the tests they are certified.  The need to be certified guarantees learning and guarantees quality instruction each and every time a customer comes to you for Hockey development.

We can turbocharge your client’s learning process to an even higher degree with Competitive Edge’s Pro Motion Video ReviewTM Process.