Video Review Process


Competitive Edge’s “Pro Motion” Video ReviewTM Process Consistently Provides Maximum Value to Customers and Drives Sales

Using video to breakdown technique, generate insights into strengths and weaknesses, and teach an athlete on a deeper level is not a new idea.  In the not too distant future, it will be even more common as the tools required to do it have dropped greatly in price and increased greatly in convenience and ease of use.  It is now realistically possible to use video analysis in a dynamic environment or improvised fashion.  So what can set you apart when using the Pro Motion Video ReviewTM Process within the Competitive Edge System?

In addition to choosing a highly efficient and inexpensive system to for the process, we have also built in web-based tools that will keep us in the lead in hockey technique video analysis.


Our Pro Motion Video ReviewTM Web Tools…

  • Put a consistently replicable structure to video lessons
  • Create a quantitative framework from which to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Output a composite rating that reflects their skating technique and how close it is to being optimized
  • Provide this information to your organization as well as the customers for later review
  • Drive sales by creating a discussion about how Competitive Edge will take care of their skating needs

This is a great brand touchpoint for new customers and has a strong positive impact on your networking within the market, your ability to turn prospects into customers, and your marketing in general.  But Competitive Edge provides much more for your facility marketing process.  Read on for details on Competitive Edge’s Marketing Support.