Online Support Suite


Use Competitive Edge’s Web-based Support Suite to…

  • Enhance your connection with the market place

  • Provide valuable content to customers (and generate membership fees)

  • Educate the market place on off-ice skill development

  • Push your instructors to their potential

Competitive Edge Hockey Training is a movement.  It is based on a need to do two things at the same time.  The first is offer more tools to the consumer that, when mixed into a skill development progression, accelerate the skill development process.  The second is to eliminate the cost of icetime from skill development where it is not necessary.  The market, in general, does not understand these factors.

So, marketing our solution to the hockey community is not a straight-forward, simple matter of getting our programs and camps out.  We have to educate the market (See these FAQs pages and the videos contained within for some samples of our market education efforts – Treadmill Training Answers Why Off Ice Skill Development?).  They need to understand why our solutions represent the future of hockey skill development.  They need to be invited to join the Competitive Edge Movement… at least to the degree that makes sense for their family.

To do this we must…

  1. Get the attention of members of the marketplace
  2. Build trust and credibility
  3. Foster a “dialogue” with the customer and our marketing tools
  4. Provide evidence of the success level we see with our systems
  5. Get new players trying our program

And for the best success, we need to do this in that order.  If we skip to #5 we will not have the same success in building our client base and “educating the market”.  If we get them in to try our program after they have been well prepared and have a understanding of the concepts behind our methods, we can create the movement that is Competitive Edge Hockey and off-ice skill development.




Our Online Support Suite does this and More…

The concepts we have just explained speak to how we can use online content to work toward the top three bullet points above.  They do not speak to the fourth; “pushing our instructors to their potential”.  Without great instructors the tools and methods of Competitive Edge will fall flat.  So we provide an instructor certification process that…

  • Weeds out weaker candidates
  • Ensures that each instructor has a high-level skill set for use with players
  • Creates consistency between instructors so customers know what to expect with a Competitive Edge lesson, yet creates an environment where they can take ownership over each session which helps them perform at a higher level in their interactions with students


What tools do we provide in order to accomplish all of this?

  • Branding Imagery
  • Email Marketing Program and Training
  • Website Design and Structure
  • Online Instructional Content (This is accessible only to members whom you grant that privilidge.  These could be paying members, top quality customers you would like to reward, or influential people in the market where you give them something to enhance your networking.)
  • Secure Login System
  • Hockey Association Resource Centers
    • Practice Plan Hosting
    • Coaches Detail Vault
    • Drill Diagrams
    • Competitive Edge Program Marketing (brochures, fliers, or weblinks to program you want to promote to coaches in said association)
    • Contact us for examples of Association Resource Centers we are currently using.
  • Video Content
    • Training Highlight Videos
    • Marketing Videos
    • Market Education Videos
    • Skill Development Content Videos
    • Instructor Education Videos