Market Your Facility

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We have the pricing, packages/programs, communications, and materials to drive sales.

Competitive Edge knows what the hockey family wants. We can deliver what they want, but they need to understand how our methods address their needs just as well or better than on-ice solutions.

We also know how to package our training in ways that makes sense to the modern hockey parent.  Presenting off-ice skills training to hockey parents is not straight-forward and we have refined this approach significantly over the years.  The following video is an example of how we utilize online video marketing to change the culture of Hockey to better value off-ice development.



Here are a few areas where Competitive Edge can apply proven marketing concepts to your facility.

  • Pricing any product is about finding a number that works for the business and works for the customer.  Competitive Edge Hockey training has the advantage of the elimination of icetime fees which gives more flexibility to find the right price point.  Through experience, we know what works in our area and can use some simple market research to establish the prices for your area.
  • Packaging our training takes some thought.  Some of the art-form is applying the right tools to the common needs seen among customers in the marketplace.  An example of this is our Performance Shooting Academy which is targeted at players who specifically want to develop their shooting skill.  On the other end of the spectrum is our 24/7 program that features shooting, puckhandling, passing, and skating.  We have the packages and programs that speak to the needs of the market.
  • The programs that we have created have been marketed to a wide hockey population and the methods that have resonated well are the cream that has risen to the top.  We have the key sales points ready to be adapted to the marketing for your programs.
  • Where programs can be directly duplicated, so can our exact communications to the market place.  These are provided to all new locations.

Competitive Edge’s support of your facility, specifically the acquisition of new customers and general networking within the community surrounding your location, is unparalleled.  It does not stop with the marketing support described here.  Read on for information about how we use web based tools to make your facility a rockstar in the local Hockey community.