RISE Highlights


This program represents the first time we have brought all of these high quality elements together into one program, but it is not the first time we have done the sort of training that the program will feature. In fact we have done a lot of it, just not within the bounds of one comprehensive solution.

We are happy to provide some of the highlights of this training here so you can get a feel for what to expect.

First though we would like to provide a highlight of one of last year’s students in action this winter.

Nick Heid recently put out this tweet (link to Nick’s tweet)


Here is the linked YouTube video from that tweet…

If you are interested, you can find Nick’s full twitter feed here.

Check out this photo of Liv Halvorsen in the midst of a one-timer in a recent Benilde Girls Varsity game.


Liv will be playing hockey for Providence University next year and has been developing her skills with Competitive Edge for 2 years.

Rem Pitlick was recently highlighted in the Minnesota Hockey Prospects twitter account.  Click here to see their tweet.  Rem has been working with Competitive Edge for 2 years.

Check out last year’s strength and conditioning highlights in this video…

This video shows a lot of the skills training that will be a part of the program (although some of the training in the video is shown with some younger kids).

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