Pro-Motion Video Analysis


Competitive Edge’s Pro-Motion Video Analysis is a fantastic way to diagnose a hockey player’s skating technique and offers many benefits. Most important is the diagnosis of skating issues along with many suggested methods of targeted improvement.


The combined power of our skating treadmills and video analysis system is simply the most surgical method out there to uncover details, large and small, of a players stride mechanics and make them plainly obvious to the instructor and student during our review process.

Our Pro-Motion Video Analysis Sessions

  • Output an email to the customer featuring 6 measurements specific to your straight away stride, 11 specific to your right-over-left and left-over-right crossover strides, and a Stride Efficiency Rating for both the straight away stride and the crossover strides.  For more on the measurables that we will capture, check out this page.
  • Help guide future Competitive Edge training sessions
  • Offer players ideas of what to focus on while on the ice
  • Reveal very specific foci for ongoing developmental opportunities

Our 90-minute Pro-Motion video analysis lesson is designed for one or two players. During the lesson, we’ll capture video of a player’s technique on both the Bullet Treadmill and Crossover Flywheel, discuss the results and work together to ensure the parents have the information necessary to target areas of weakness in future training plans.

Pro-Motion Video Analysis sessions are 60 to 90 minutes and cost $130 for an individual or a pair ($65 per skater in a pair).

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