Circus Shot Club


The Circus Shot is a high-level achievement in Competitive Edge training.  It involves skating on the Crossover Flywheel, puckhandling, and shooting a puck into a strategically-placed fishing net. Naturally, successful Circus Shots celebrations follow. This is why it is said by those in the club, “I dangled, sniped, and celly’d the Circus Shot!”

It is a long road to get to the Circus Shot. Several skills must be mastered before a player can even attempt the shot. Smooth, efficient crossovers, precise puck-control, and keen hand-eye coordination are essential for a successful Circus Shot. Not to mention, this is all done on the Crossover Flywheel! It takes a handful of attempts by even the most skilled players to finally make the shot.

This page is to celebrate the achievement of those players who have come far enough and have indeed, Dangled, Sniped, and Celly’d the Circus Shot at Competitive Edge!

Please note that the Circus Shot Challenge is on hiatus as the Crossover Flywheel is currently unavailable.



The following video shows a couple of successful Circus Shots that we have caught on video.  One of them “Bobby Orr Style” meaning the skater fell just after the shot was taken, just like Bobby Orr in the Stanley Cup in 1970.  The stakes were higher for Mr. Orr, but I say the Circus Shot is tougher than the one “Number 4” put away for the Stanley Cup Championship those few years ago.


Those who have made the Circus Shot are the only ones eligible to wear the Official Circus Shot Club Shirt.




And here are your Club Members (AKA, Those who have Dangled, Sniped, and Celly’d)

Aadalen, Erik
Bantle, Carson
Bauer, David
Becker, Matt
Bohlsen, Caden
Brewer, Owen
Byers, Mac
Carlson, Jack
Conway, Cooper*

Dalum, Hunter
Dexheimer, Ben
Doll, Stephen
Dornbach, Casey
Ellingson, Will
Fernandez, Cole
Hale, Jake
Hemp, Morrison
Izuka, Minori
Jacobs, Cole
Johnson, Anders
Junker, Evan
Kalthoff, Connor
Klepinger, Nick
Kubitz, Jack
Leslie, Andrew
Lindstrand, Logan
Linstrand, Chandler
Luedtke, Josh
Macnamara, Brandon
Madison, Payton
Mateja, Jac
Miller, Joe
Miller, K’Andre
Molenaar, Joe
Murphy, Colton
Nelson, Jaxon
Nelson, Riley
Nunn, Lenny
Pitlick, Rem
Schoen, Charlie
Sigurdson, Colten*
Simon, Zack
Spindler, Dawson
Tselepis, Landon*
Ward, Ben
Warner, Nathan

Special Honor – those who have made the Backward Circus Shot (the same as the Circus Shot, but executed while skating backward)

Dornbach Casey
Leslie, Andrew
Luedtke, Josh
Molenaar, Joe

If your child’s name is on this list and you would like him removed, please Contact Andy.

Contact Andy also if you have made the shot and we have forgotten to put you on the list.

* Denotes skaters who have not yet received their T-shirt.