Frequently Asked Questions (and what makes Competitive Edge unique)

“Frequently Asked Questions” is not necessarily an accurate name for this page as many of these questions are not all that common for customers to ask, yet we feel that the answers are important. Read on for some great information about Competitive Edge Hockey!

What is Competitive Edge’s Mission?

This page talks about what Competitive Edge believes about hockey training and the mission we are on as a result.

Why was Competitive Edge’s Three Station Off-ice Development Program Created?

This page talks about the efficiency in Hockey Development that we have created.

Why should we train for Ice Hockey using off-ice skill development methods?

Our answer to this question can be found at this page.

My son or daughter already has a good efficient stride, why would they need treadmill training?

Once a player’s technique is sound, do treadmills just work on strength and conditioning?

Can’t you accomplish the same things on the ice that you can with a treadmill?

Our answer to all 3 questions above can be found at this page.

I have heard that treadmills can have a negative effect on a player’s stride, is this true?

A skating treadmill is a tool. To have the right effect it needs to be used properly. If they are used without an instructor who is working to develop technique, it is possible to develop bad habits on a skating treadmill.  At Competitive Edge, we make it a major priority to ensure technique improvement is continuous during treadmill training.

Why does Competitive Edge focus more on developing the skill for the game instead of on strength and athleticism development?

Find an answer to this question and learn about way our body builds super-high-capacity nerve pathways for extreme skill at this page.

Competitive Edge sessions are either “custom” or “semi-custom”.  What does this mean and what is the difference?

Our Private Lessons or Private Group Lessons are both create-your-own-format and create-your-own-focus.  This means they are fully customizable.

How long does it typically take for a skater to adjust to skating on the Bullet Treadmill?

It depends on player age and experience level, but it typically takes no more than two sessions to acclimate to the Bullet Treadmill.

How long will it take for my skater to improve their stride with Bullet Treadmill?

Individual results always vary and the more skating repetitions a player already has under their belt, the harder it is to create new stride habits.  With that said, one could define improvement as getting stronger.  We could expect that sort of improvement in one session.  In three to five sessions we often hear about improvement that the skater can “feel”.  In eight to twelve sessions we often hear about improvement that others can “see”.

Should my son or daughter have sharp skates for their treadmill training session?

In most cases they do not need a fresh sharpening before training, but skates should not be dull.  Players who are confident that their edges will hold can focus on technique that much more easily.

Will my son or daughter need their skates sharpened after training on a treadmill?

If they like their skates really sharp, then yes, they should have them sharpened after each time training on a skating treadmill.

What equipment should my player wear for training?

Players should wear their helmet, skates, gloves, something to cover their knees, and something to cover their elbows.  They should also bring their stick.

How do skaters put on the safety harnesses that they use on the Bullet Treadmill? (So I can help my skater be ready before the start of the session.)

Please check out this page with our video explanation of our harness and safety system.