Training Stations


Competitive Edge is a high performance hockey training facility featuring three main training stations – Crossover Flywheel, Bullet Treadmill and Hand Skills Studio. Each of these stations provides their own fine-tuned protocol designed to enhance a hockey player’s capabilities, improve their habits, or both.

Incorporate treadmill training into your skating program and become a stronger, more efficient skater.

Our Skating Treadmill Philosophy

Our treadmill philosophy is to provide a revolutionary hockey training experience using state-of-the-art treadmill technology.

The equipment, however, is only part of the experience. It’s critical to understand that a skating treadmill (Crossover or Straight away focused) by itself is only a tool that can be used to minimal or significant benefit.

We at Competitive Edge work very hard to ensure our instructors are using it to maximum benefit of each individual player by working on their specific opportunities for improvement within their stride.

Putting Our Philosophy into Practice

We feel so strongly about our philosophy that we designed our own state-of-the-art treadmills to give hockey players the best skill development training and hockey experience in the industry. We use an extensive shadowing process to ensure that all instructors operate at a high level in terms of maximizing benefit to the student.

Our Treadmill Technology

Our Crossover Flywheel and Bullet Treadmill were designed to dramatically increase the improvement rate of a skater. The Crossover Flywheel improves crossover skating and the Bullet Treadmill improves straight away skating. Both treadmills allow skaters to execute their stride stationary relative to an instructor and relative to a mirror.

Using Treadmills as Tools

As we stated above, our skating treadmills are tools used to facilitate improvement, not the complete solution. The rapport between the student and instructor does the work while the treadmills make the process easier and more efficient.

Immediate Instructor Feedback

Our instructors shorten the feedback cycle by offering immediate feedback and skill correction (in coversational tones) which skaters can instantly implement. They manipulate the treadmill settings to demand specific technique and exertion adjustments from the skater for maximum results.

Control for Technique

At Competitive Edge, no treadmill training is done without controlling for technique. Our job is to refine player technique, then make it more automatic and finally, once the technique can be maintained, build player strength and conditioning for high performance.