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Competitive Edge training sessions

At Competitive Edge, we know how to make hockey training more efficient, effective and fun. Our state-of-the-art training stations, combined with personal instruction, custom training, and quality repetitions generate an immediate impact on any hockey player’s skill development.

The Competitive Edge training facility is unique and revolutionary. We incorporate tools that aren’t used by anyone else, philosophies that are rare in the industry and create a place where players are engaged, challenged and having fun.

Benefits of Competitive Edge Training

All of our training programs include the following benefits.

Customized Training

All our training sessions are custom built around each individual hockey player’s skills, abilities and developmental goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Competitive Edge offers flexible training times to fit your schedule. We work with you to customize the right program at the right time.

Individual Instruction

Every hockey player that trains at Competitive Edge receives personal attention and quality feedback in a fun and challenging environment. We incorporate individual instruction during all our training sessions including small group, team and on-ice clinics.

Quality Repetitions

We strongly believe that quality repetitions plus individualized trainer instruction accelerates skill development.

Cost Effective

Training with Competitive Edge is affordable.

Plenty of Training Options

Choose a training program that best suits your hockey goals and developmental needs. We offer small group, team and 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 training sessions. Or, sign up for one of our hockey skills on-ice clinics.

Haven’t trained at Competitive Edge before? Schedule an individual or group trial session and experience what we’re all about.

State-of-the-Art Training Stations

The Crossover Flywheel, Bullet Treadmill and Hand Skills Studio stations are included in our standard training sessions. Our stations offer players the opportunity to develop proper hockey habits while getting constant feedback, which will make the biggest difference in a player’s overall hockey performance.

Skills Assessment

We assess every player’s skills and abilities during the first session and periodically over the course of our training programs to develop the best plan for the player. We want to know every hockey players goals, so that we can help achieve them.

Positive Environment

Our trainers provide a positive environment. They make sure players are engaged, challenged, rewarded and having fun.

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Competitive Edge’s Mission

For a detailed explanation of what Competitive Edge Hockey is all about and why we exist, check out our page about our purpose in the world of Hockey Training.

Managing Training Without Burnout

For more information on why Competitive Edge can offer the right amount of training at the right time for you and your skaters, check out this page that explains how Competitive Edge allows you to add skill development without over-commitment that could lead to burnout!

How Does Training Volume Correlate to Improvement

Finally, we are often asked how much training it takes to receive a certain result. For more on this question and a better approach to thinking about training, check out this page on the results of continuous and ongoing training done on a regular basis.