Instructor Knowledge Center Hub


Competitive Edge strives for the absolute best in off-ice hockey skill development and enjoys some of the best in the following areas…

  • Protocols
  • Training environment (in terms of the tools present)
  • Understanding of how to get the most out of our tools in terms of bringing about correct technique for on-ice conditions out of off-ice devices

However, even with all of that, Competitive Edge will not make it without excellence from its instructors.  This section of the website is all about providing all the info an instructor needs to perform at an exceptional level in all three both of the Competitive Edge training center stations.

The instruction is the key.  Competitive Edge will do what it can to ensure you have what you need to provide an excellent product for all students.

All 6 of the numbered items below should be viewed briefly (skimmed) prior to the first shadow session.  This will help you to understand which things to pay the most attention to during the shadow session.  After shadowing once or twice, you should come back and review them closely prior to solo training.

Note:  All 6 of these links will open in a new window so that this page will remain open for your convenience.

1. There are quite a few details that instructors need to know before they begin shadowing and learning how to train and instruct students. This page is a reference for those pieces of information.

2. This page (and the video it contains) is a great resource to ensure that instructors know how to install our harnesses.

3. It is vitally important that our instructors understand what Competitive Edge is selling and how it relates to some of the perceived problems associated with similar hockey training facilities in the market.  This helps you, as an instructor, to embody the qualities we promote in our marketing. Click this link and watch these videos with the intent of trying to absorb what we are selling to current and potential customers.


Keep in mind that there will be a fair bit of redundancy in the materials in this hub for our instructors.  Recognize that any piece of information that is repeated is probably something that is important enough to warrant this rendundancy.


These next few pages offer a lot of information you’ll need to be a great instructor.  This relates to knowledge of the techniques we are working on, how to communicate with students, and how to manipulate the training environment for the fastest rate of improvement and more.

4. This .pdf offers insight in how to operate as an instructor as well as some important information that is also covered on this page (link #1 above) which you have likely already seen.

5. This page offers a guide to the knowledge you will need for execution of training sessions in the Hand Skills Rink.

6. This page offers a lot of detail about what to look for and what to teach while working on players’ skating strides on the Bullet Treadmill.



(Coming Soon – No need to read any further than here as the following is not yet active) We are rolling out a video-based system to ensure our instructors know what to look for when it comes to skating technique on the treadmill and wheel.  The pages just above offer a lot of that info in text, but these videos should offer visual representations along the same lines.

This is also interactive. You will offer your analysis specific to some questions on a .pdf linked below so we can ensure we are on the same page.

7. Treadmill Technique and Analysis Video (Coming Soon)

8. Flywheel Technique and Analysis Video (Coming Soon)

9. Hand Skills Technique and Analysis Video (Coming Soon)

After watching these two videos please download this quiz (coming soon).  Answer the questions on this quiz by either writing them in and scanning and emailing to me or just emailing me with answers associated with the given question number (i.e. T1 for the first treadmill focused question or F4 for the fourth flywheel focused question).  After that I will get you a login that will give you access to the answers which, once logged in can be found once again under the “About” menu header.  After you review your answers with our answers page we will go over them together (i.e. you will go over them with Andy) to ensure maximum understanding.