On-Ice Custom Clinics

on ice clinics

Competitive Edge offers an array of on-ice and off-ice skill development clinics. These clinics are a great way to continually improve and sharpen your hockey skills any time of the year. Customize a clinic around your busy schedule.  Organize a group for your skater and friends to get them working on exactly what they need and design a custom clinic plan with Competitive Edge.

New Format for 2017 – Custom Clinics

This spring, summer, and fall, we will focus on delivering the exact clinic that you want by creating customized clinics.  Customization options include number of hours, schedule, and on-ice content.  It can also include the use of off-ice stations for aspects of training that are better targeted using the Bullet Treadmill, Crossover Flywheel, and Snipe Zone Hand Skills Area.

How can you set up a custom clinic?  Just think about a few skaters who would be a good fit to train with yours and who would be interested in working on the same type of stuff.  Then contact us to figure out the details of how to put it together.  Keep in mind that the cost per skater is reduced if you add more skaters, but that will also spread out the repetitions and the instructor attention to some degree.

If you have only a couple of skaters and would like to make it a bigger clinic with more skaters, you should still contact Competitive Edge as we may have another similar group that would be a good fit to combine with your group.

The Competitive Edge staff are experts in skill development at all levels from learn-to-skate to elite level advanced.  If there is something you need to see improved, we can find an efficient way to make the change!

Summary of Key Points

  • Design a clinic that is perfect for you!

  • Develop your game with friends!

  • Small group attention at a rate competitive to large format clinics!

  • Use Competitive Edge’s expertise to exactly fit your group’s problem areas!


  • What can be customized?
    • Number of training hours
    • Specific training times
    • On-ice content
    • Group size
    • Use of off-ice tools
  • How do I schedule?
    • Contact Competitive Edge to work out all details including the clinic schedule.
  • Per player cost?
    • Will be dependent on the group size. Smaller groups get more repetitions and attention but at a higher fee per skater. We can recommend the right balance for your needs. As an example, a group of six can expect to pay about $35/hour per skater for on-ice.
  • Can we use off-ice and on-ice training?
    • Yes, and Competitive Edge will help you use the right combination to most efficiently target your desired areas of development.
  • Can we make a 1 week clinic?
    • Yes. This most likely will work best in March, summer months, or October.
  • Can we make 3 month clinic?
    • Yes. This, however, typically only works during the summer.




We also do full day clinics during the school year on days where parents typically still have to work, but a lot of skaters are off of school.  These clinics are for Mites, U8s, Squirts, and U10s.  Sign up for our mailing list to get updates on when these clinics will happen!